See our Customer Workflows for video walk-throughs on common tasks.

See all of your subscriptions in a single view, search titles, add new subscriptions.

Our magical filter bar will let you:

  1. Choose up to 100 results per page
  2. Filter by publishers
  3. Search specific keywords
  4. Add a new subscription

Clicking on a title (5) takes you to that title's dedicated page.

On the title page you'll see all of the people subscribed (along with which cover they're subscribed to), be able to edit or delete them, add new people to the title, or clone people from another title to this one.

Cloning Subscribers

Got a bunch of customers already getting Swamp Dogs who you think would be interested in Stray Dogs Dog Days? Clone them on over.

If they're already on this list, they won't get doubled up.

*Cloning Subscriptions currently only work for products which can be subscribed to, we are working on a solution for one-shots and non-subscribable products as well.