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This brief video will show you the steps to edit a customer's subscriptions (less than 1 minute).

Customer ask you to add something to their pull?  Maybe they've emailed you about cancelling a title, or requesting to get all of the B covers of their favorite series.
Have no fear.  These changes are simple and straightforward with MC2.

Click on Customers, and then click on the All Customers tab.

From here, you can type their name into the search bar to locate them, or click the green Edit button.
You can also choose between Subscribers, Non-Subscribers, De-Activated, and All Customers from the dropdown.  

If you know the customer has no Subscriptions or Pre-Orders, you can click on Add Subscription for New Customer, to quickly get started.  Note that they will need to have a customer account in Shopify, first.  Just type in their name, or click in the search bar and choose from the list.  Then add a subscription in the next pop up.

Once you have clicked on the Edit button for the customer, you will see a list containing all of their Active Subscriptions, their Pre-Orders, and their Inactive Subscriptions.
If you need to quickly locate a series, use the search function (1)

On the left (2) you can add a new subscription (Add Item), or de-activate the customers account 

If you click Add Item, a popup appears

Type in the name of the series, or scan an issues barcode in.  By default, MC2 will only show you active series, or items available for pre-order.  For others, check the box to Include Old Series.  -You may want to verify the item is available via a distributor before continuing.

Scroll through the results until you find their item. You have the option to Pre-Order any item.  You have the option to Subscribe to Cover A or Cover B of a series.  Note that you may be able to choose to fulfill with another cover if their first choice is not available, if they would like.
Graphic novels that are part of a series can also be subscribed to.  Also note that you can pre-order or Subscribe to any number of items at a time from this screen.

What if you need to edit or delete something?  Deleting is easy.  Hit the red trash button.  However, if an issue is past FOC, you can choose to set that issue as the Final Pull, in the Edit menu.

Here, in the Edit menu, you can specify between Cover A and Cover B, select a custom start date, change quantity, and select for this issue to be the Final Pull.


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