There's two situations where this may happen.  If your theme has been updated and the settings in Manage Comics were not re-saved, or if you don't currently have accounts enabled on your Shopify store, read on for both solutions.

You recently changed your theme, and Manage Comics stopped working.

This usually happens if you change themes in your store, in very rare cases the theme is not compatible with Manage Comics (this is very rare).

Within Shopify:

To start with, log in to Shopify.

  1. Click Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes
  2. Note which theme is your current theme


In Manage Comics:

  1. Go to Settings > Store Settings
  2. Confirm the theme is the active theme, make sure your colours are using current colours and your CSS button selector is correct.
  3. Click "Save"

Manage Comics will add the code to this new theme and subscriptions will immediately work.

If this does not work, reach out to us through our contact form and we will help you resolve the issues.

How to check if you have accounts enabled

By Default, new Shopify stores have customer accounts disabled.

In Shopify, click on the settings link in the bottom left hand corner.

In settings, choose "Checkout and accounts"

Scroll all the way down to Customer Accounts.

Click the checkmark next to "Show login link in the header of online store and at checkout" (1)

and "Require customers to log in before checkout" (2)

A new option will appear regarding which version of customer accounts to use:

This is kind of up to you, but we recommend the classic email and password type (3).