See our Customer Workflows for video walk-throughs on common tasks.

Pre Orders allow your customers to place orders, and you to make sure you can get the product before you approve anything. It also gives you the opportunity to update pricing, and to let your customers confirm that they want something.

As a customer, they can pre-order any comic, as well as TPBs and any product type you allow in your store settings.

Customer Pre Orders a 1 in 25 variant

After going to Detective Comics 1050, the customer clicks on "Pre Order Issue", and selects the Cover C 1 in 25.

As a customer, they will see the pre orders that are pending approval from the store.

As a store, you can approve or decline all special orders in your queue.  Approving a pre order automatically puts the pre order into their subscriptions area.  Declining it will display it on their pre-orders area with the decline message you leave them.

If you want to approve a specific item with a price change, you can do that as well! Just change the price, and leave a reason for the change then click "Send to Customer.

On the Customer side, they will have a chance to approve the change to the price.

You can also create a pre order from scratch on the admin side, and set a price, and even choose to exempt the customers default discount.