We know that getting your customers using a subscription service is tough, that's why we've built this handy email template for you.

You can use this template within the Manage Comics email system, make sure you've configured your emails first, and then send out a "General Email" campaign through Comics to all of your users.

  1. Update Email Settings
  2. Send Email Campaign

To use this template - replace the "yourwebsite.com" URLs in the first three links (marked with [EDIT THIS LINK]) with your domain name.

The links in the "more information" section are fully set up, and all go to help pages on Manage Comics for customers.

How to log into your subscription account

[Store Name] has a new subscription service we're using, and it will let you manage your comics easier than ever.

We've already created an account for you, if you've logged into our site before, you can simply [EDIT THIS LINK] log in to our site as normal.

If this is your first time using our site, click on the [EDIT THIS LINK] Register link and use the email that we have sent this message to.

From there you'll go to the [EDIT THIS LINK] "Subscriptions" area and manage your subscriptions.

You can find out more information about how our subscriptions work at the following links: