You've processed your invoices, and imported your products into Shopify.  You are ready to fill your customers pulls with their books.
Or, maybe you need to go back and look at a previous weeks pull list.   Or month.

In the Manage Comics 2 Subscriptions app, under Check In, you will find the Pulls By Date tab.  From here, you will be able to select the date range of pulls that you would like to view, as well as the sorting order.  You will also have the option to print the list with minimal formatting.  As well, you can download it in one of 2 CSV files.

Now that we are on the Pulls By Date tab, lets get familiar with our options.

1. Sort order.  From here, we can choose to organize our list several different ways.  

2. Date range.  From here, we can choose the window in time we wish to confine our search to.

3. The 2 different CSV files that can be downloaded of the pulls in our selected date range. 
      NOTE: These files are not determined or affected by the Sort Order selected.

Lets take a look at our Sort Order options:

First, keep in mind that if we haven't selected a date range to look at, this view isn't going to look like much, no matter which of the above options we choose.

Sort by First Name

Sort by Last Name

Sort by Subscriber ID

Sort By Title

Personally, based on my old workflow, I appreciate the print view*.  It doesn't include the extra buttons and such on the page.  Just a nice, clean list.
*Right-click and choose Print, or File>Print..., etc.

For the Date Range, select the window in time you would like to view.  If you process different distributors on different days, but you are looking for the pulls for a specific week, keep this in mind.  Say you want this weeks pulls (street date 10 May 2023).  You just finished Diamonds invoice, but you processed Lunars last Thursday.  You will want to make sure that your starting date is 4 May 2023 and that your end date is 10 May 2023.
NOTE:  You can change your Sort Order back and forth and you will not lose your Date Range Selection, as long as you remain on the Pulls By Date tab.

Finally, you have your 2 CSV files that you can choose to download.  

The CSV file contains First and Last Name, Customer ID #, Quantity, Title, Publisher, Distributor and Price.

The Full Data CSV file contains all of the above, with the addition of Customer Email, Distributor Codes, and your item cost, listed as Unit Price

There you have it.  A complete breakdown of the Pulls By Date tab.