Manage Comics supports the uploading of CSV formatted files with mixed codes. This will let you quickly add products to your database.

Go to the Pulls area, and upload a CSV formatted file with SKU, QTY, Cost, Price (use this template file for your upload)

This file currently supports mixing and matching:

  • Diamond Codes
  • Lunar Codes
  • PRH Codes
  • UPC Codes
  • ISBN + 5 Codes
  • ISBN Code

You MUST include Sku, QTY and Price (without price the file takes too long to process).

Try to keep your individual uploads to no more than about 200 at a time (to make sure that Shopify can handle the import), and give it a bit of time between uploads to allow for processing.  It takes between 1-10 seconds per item for Shopify to process everything.

Please do not include $ characters in your prices.

We then fill in all of the other details for you.