Exchange Rate (non-US stores only)

Non US stores can control their exchange rate with one click (this feature is not enabled on US stores).

Many stores will base this price on what they were invoiced by their distributor (example: 1USD = 1.27CAD according to recent Diamond invoices).  When you change this on an invoice import, it will override the default exchange rate.

Use ISBN + 5

This enables a 18 digit ISBN number, only disable this if your scanner cannot process the 18 digit ISBN and can only use the 13 digit short ISBN (please note, we STRONGLY recommend you keep this enabled, not all ISBNs in the system are properly formatted for 13 digit ISBN).

Terms of Service

We provide you a boilerplate TOS, please review this to ensure it's what you want.  Customers are required to check a box agreeing to these terms before they set up a subscription.