Exchange rates are tiered, and will be applied to all prices on an individual tier. Example: If you have a tier of 2.99 and a tier of 3.99, anything between 2.99 and 3.98 will have the 2.99 pricing applied to it.

This will allow you to get as granular as you need to. If something is outside of the tiers (above or below), it will be calculated at the base exchange rate.

Tiered pricing is only displayed on comics, graphic novels and non-net priced items.

All pricing within the admin is in USD and the appropriate tier will be added to the product before being displayed to the customer.

Getting started with pricing tiers:

By default you'll see your exchange rate, and a button to add and save your tiers.

Adding your first tier will set the base level at which tiers are used (anything below a $2.99 USD check in price, will be exchanged at your Exchange Rate to USD).

Continue filling out your tables, remember that anything not explicitly noted will use the lower tier exchange price.

Example: A $3.70 item will be priced at the $3.50 tier.

To stop using tiers, add a USD price, and in the Exchange Price, remove any numbers (it must be blank), this will trigger the calculated exchange rate.

IMPORTANT: Your last price MUST be blank to trigger the calculated exchange rate.

Saving will save your tiers, and immediately display them on the customer end (as well as apply them to all future check-ins).  Clicking the Save also re-sorts the tiers by USD price.

Setting Currency Symbol

Manage Comics should detect your currency symbol.  In the rare occasion where it doesn't, you can change the currency symbol here.