This full walkthrough will show you everything you need to know about Manage Comics 2 Subscriptions. Manage Comics 2 Subscriptions gives your store superpowers by adding an entire Subscriptions platform directly to your Shopify powered ecommerce website.

Give your store the ability to let customers manage their comic subscriptions and gives you access to all available products every month. We support multiple distributors including Diamond, Lunar and Penguin Random House with new distributors coming online all the time.

What you'll see in this video:

  • Automatically add products to your store for subscription
  • Give customers control over their own subscriptions
  • Manage Subscription customers through our interface
  • Check in and mange new shipments weekly to generate lists for your customers
  • Automatically create invoices that get emailed to your customers letting them know what is ready for them
  • See shortages, subscription shortages, and recent changes with our robust reporting
  • Manage your intake and orders for multiple distributors seamlessly