How many Manage Comics orders can I search?
You can search for any Manage Comics order in your store.

Can I import draft items into the POS cart?
As long as the draft order was created through Manage Comics, you can import it. Items created outside of Manage Comics (added directly to an order in the POS) will not be found by the Manage Comics Order Helper.

How can I find Manage Comics orders?
You can search by customer name (first name, last name, or both).

What features does this app have?

  • Integrates seamlessly with the POS, simply add the tile to your POS home screen and get to it at any point.
  • View the most recent 5 Manage Comics orders and search any Manage Comics order created from the POS app.
  • Search for customers by first name, last name, or their full name.
  • Add all of the items in an order, or just select the items you want to include.
  • Creates cart items with discount information from Manage Comics.
  • Updates your inventory to move items from reserved subscription copies to allow for seamless checkout.
  • Delete items from the cart to send them back to Manage Comics orders.

Can I pay yearly for this app?
We currently only support a monthly recurring charge. We will consider an annual account in the future.

I think you should add a feature!
The Manage Comics Order helper app is intended to be a very lightweight tool that does one thing well - gets Manage Comics Orders into your POS quickly.
With that said, we'd be happy to check out any features you think we should have. Contact us and let us know!