By default, Manage Comics pages will appear on your site, but you may need to fine-tune their appearance.  While we've attempted to make Manage Comics work for every site, sometimes you'll need to make changes to make it work better with your site.

If you feel uncomfortable making these changes, please Contact Us and we can help walk you through this change, or perform it for you.

To get started, navigate to Online Store > Themes in your Shopify navigation.

On your active theme, click Actions > Edit code

In the code browser, navigate in the left side menu to Templates > page.liquid

The page code will look similar to this, although there may be more or less code.

Option 1: Add a #managecomics ID to the page content container

Directly above the {{ page.content }} you can add an ID called "managecomics", which will force the GeekFetch Subscriptions app to place your content inside of this container.

Option 2: Add a #managecomics ID outside of the current container

Alternately you can wrap the page.content element with an ID called managecomics.

    <div id="managecomics">
    {{ page.content }}

  1. <div id="managecomics">
  2. </div>

Important, do not edit the managecomics-content area.

This area is vital to the functioning of GeekFetch subscriptions, if you edit this in any way, you could break all of your GeekFetch subscriptions Manage Comics pages.