2021-12-23 Data Fixes and Subscription Improvements

The last two weeks have seen a TON of changes, so many that we didn't actually release a changelog last week about the data improvements we made.

Let's get this party started with the first, and most important thing - major changes to our data!

A whole lot of Data Fixes

Our first series of data fixes were launched December 16th when we revamped how we calculate the FOC and New Release pages, resulting in a vast improvement to both pages.

We now recalculate these pages weekly, and only show verified FOC and New Release data on both.

We are also now regularly ingesting Penguin Random House data, and updating all of our existing data with their info.  This will be a work in progress as we work with PRH to improve their data around variant covers and a few other small improvements.

This means the data will be a LOT more accurate, and we'll also see many fewer missing images over time.

Change Price on Products on Check In

On Check In, you can now update the price of an individual product.

Sort Initial Orders / FOC orders

Sorting for FOC and Initial Orders is finally here, and this time it doesn't break caching!!!

Current Customers Total Report Improvements

We now add details around which covers are on order.

More Details on Customer Changes Report

We have added details like which cover was added or removed.

Append Draft orders with new Subscriptions

When you move from Manage Comics orders into Shopify Orders, we now append the oldest Draft order for the customer with your items.

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