2021-12-06 Shopify Products Refactor

Our latest upgrades to Manage Comics 2.0 involved a substantial rework of what was formerly known as the "Pull System", but is now known as the "Check In" system.

Feature - Manage Comics now uses products 

  • Set the shipping preferences for a customer
  • Push invoices after pulls are created.
  • Create Shopify products for all order items.
  • Select date products should be published to Shopify.
  • Set the manual collection that a product type belongs to.
This was a huge refactoring of the entire platform. This required us to change a number of things, beginning with how we create draft orders, which affected everything.
We now have shipping preferences on the store level (customer level coming soon), and have created a new process where after pulling all comics, you then invoice only the people who you want to deliver comics to.
Manage Comics creates all products on Shopify, and will adjust your stock levels after your invoices go out.  We do not increase stock until after an invoice has been paid for (and then we increment the stock level from the Manage Comics stock).
For tax purposes, we also now set manual collections for tax rates (see the Shopify Help - Setting Canadian Tax Exemptions)

Pulls are now Check Ins

We have made some major changes to the Check In Process, and we have added a new step to Create Orders at the end of it.
Up first - you will notice that we start you out on a screen where you can find additional items, or start over.
We heard that sometimes you need to check in a single item, clicking on "Find additional items" will open up the search box that allows you to search by title, Diamond/Lunar code or even by UPC/ISBN.
Get started with a new checkin - click "Get Started" and you're presented with the familiar screen.
Once you've completed your pulls, you have a new option to create orders.
Creating orders will actually invoice an order, preventing people from getting multiple notifications as you do your Lunar, Diamond and PRH pulls.

Front End Fix: Reformat the GeekFetch codes in the side bar.

We've had a bunch of codes in a blue box beneath the photo of the product.  We've revised this to use the style of the site, and simplify what we're showing.  This data is still important for us from time to time, and this means that we don't lose it.
As a store with Manage Comics Classic, I want to be able to import my customers/subscriptions into Manage Comics 2.0. We created a Manage Comics customer import and a Manage Comics Subscription import.
As a Manage Comics Classic store, I want to redirect my subscriptions page to 2.0 URL. When a store upgrades from 1.0 to 2.0, we have a method for redirecting their site.

Bugs Resolved:

On product search, we now sort things by most recent first (this is because our search can only return 50 items at a time).
ISBN + 5 is messing up sometimes, because SOMETIMES it is included in our data. We resolved this by doing a count on the ISBN, and if it's already 18 characters, we don't add the extra 5.
Certain products in stores will take us to a page with tons of related products that are not related. Fixed by removing the bad data and putting a check in place to stop it from happening again the future.
FOC numbers are showing different numbers than the actual subscriptions for some stores. This ended up being a data issue, and we resolved it by fixing the underlying data.

As a store with an Online Store 2.0 Theme, I want Manage Comics to work with my theme. We added an "Advanced tab" setting that fixes this problem.

Other Changes:

We changed the name of the subscription charge to "Manage Comics Essentials". A simple change, but it makes it more apparent what we're charging (as opposed to "small").

As a store, I do not want to see anything called "Free Incentive". We removed free products from the site so that people can't subscribe to a retailer incentive.

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